We have an enemy who is real.  His plans for your life involve killing your vision, stealing your joy and the destruction of your relationship with God.  We do not need to fear him, but we do need to be wise to his ways.  My Bible tells me there will be trials.  There will be hard times.  So why am I shocked most of the time when trials come?

In my mind, I found a false premise about my Christian journey.  I mistakenly bought into the fact when I was saved, I signed up for a cruise ship and everything should now be smooth sailing.  The weather will always be sunny and warm.

The reality is when I was saved I signed up for a battle ship.  Most days contain at least some rough water and many threats of war.  The better prepared for the battle I am, the less surprise attacks I feel and fall to.  There is no compromise to spending time alone with the Father.  God has plans for my life too.  His plans are to prosper me and not to harm me, to give me hope and a future.  It does not say I will not face battles, but I do have two different out comes depending on how I prepare for battle.

Thought for the Week:  This is not original with me.  I heard this illustration Sunday in church from Vince D’Acchioli.  Just imagine while you are sleeping, there is someone there sitting right beside your bed.  He is smiling at you is eagerly waiting for you to open your eyes, just so he can spend his time with you.  What will you do each morning when you wake up?  Will you greet him and take him with you throughout your day spending time with him, or will he be invisible to you, until you have a need you want to bring to him?  The Christian prepares for Battle by spending time in God’s Presence.  

James 4:7