This summer I am tackling my “when I get the time” “to do” list!  First on my “to do” list, totally clean my house: ceilings, walls, corners, floors and windows. 

Attacking my office recently, I teetered on a step stool to finish wiping down the last section of the wall.  I intended to reach the entire area; however, laughing at me the corner section remained just out of reach.  A desk in front of me covered with belongings stood in defense.  Not wanting to get down, move the desk stuff, and climb back up for one tiny spot, I proceeded to push stuff out of the way with my foot. 

Thought for the Week:  In the back of my mind, I imagine myself falling.  I am thinking I just require one foot firmly planted, I can then seize my position to accomplish my work.  Almost immediately, I hear a still small voice whisper “Satan looks for this in your life.  If you let him get a “foothold”, he accomplishes his work.”  Yikes! 


Eph 4:23-32