Imagine yourself…

using all your creativity and talent. Pay attention to what colors, shapes and locations come to mind.  If your reality is a far cry from the scenarios you just concocted, don’t panic. You’ve actually just taken the first steps toward creating your ideal environment!

Let the Voices in Your Head Do The Talking

Without a clear vision for constructing your future, you will recreate your past again and again. This is why moving away doesn’t solve all your problems, and breaking old habits won’t bring happiness. The path to your 100 Year Lifestyle starts in your head. It is crucial to identify what you want in (and out) of your life; you become most fulfilled when drawing on your innate talents and core desires. Take the time to clarify for yourself what you really want. Where would you like to be financially in a year? What would you absolutely love to do before you turn 100? The answers to these questions will change your internal environment, and your attitudes and behavior will follow.

Let Your Lobules Do the Work

Ask the same questions, and you will get the same answers. But if you change the way you approach your thought process, you can actually activate dormant parts, or lobules, of your brain, and achieve different results. Avoid asking “Why?” questions like “Why am I unhappy?” or “Why me?” Ask questions that allow you to look forward.

Ask yourself these questions. What are the core values I want to base my life on? What can I accept about my past? Who can I forgive? How can I make myself heard in a positive way. Look for opportunity in the face of despair. Frustrated by your commute? Use the time to learn about home businesses and maybe eventually you can ditch the drive. Get language tapes and learn Spanish or French which might help improve your career. Thinking in terms of where you can go from here allows you to create an environment that supports goals and facilitates journeys.

Let’s Get Physical

Your external, or physical, environment should reflect and support your internal environment. We spend so much time inside that our indoor environments are truly part of our wellness. Make it a priority to create living and work spaces that help you on your way instead of getting in your way. Finish projects; loose ends create chronic stress. Bring life and a sense of tranquility into your home and office with plants. Even if you don’t have room for a home gym, create a welcoming space for your exercise equipment. Cultivate your own style based on your unique preferences.

When your internal and external spaces are congruent and open to fresh ideas, you’ll find that your life flows better and you are more successful and content. Regardless of your destination in life, your internal and external environments will determine whether or not you enjoy the ride.