I can’t remember a time when I’ve been so excited to welcome a new year. I spent much of New Year’s Day thinking, dreaming and planning for 2012. This is not typical for me. I’m more of a “let’s see what happens” kind of a girl. But, not this year. This year, I am placing myself in the ready position (as my pastor, Rob Ketterling, calls it) for all that God has for me.

The first thing I did on New Year’s morning was pull out the new Bible I bought last summer. I know it seems odd to buy a new Bible when you already own a perfectly good one, but I had two reasons for doing so. First off, I’ve been writing and underlining in my current Bible for many, many years and while it’s comforting to go to when I’m looking for something specific, it also allows me to get kind of lazy when I’m reading the Word. With a new Bible, I can see things with fresh eyes.

The second reason I wanted a new Bible is that I specifically wanted a Bible with pink on it. I know; crazy right? I mean, who chooses a Bible by its color? But, that’s what I wanted; either pink and brown, or pink and black. And, it had to be the New Living Testament because that is my favorite version. Someone once told me that if you find a version of the Bible that is easy for you to read, buy it. You’ll read it more often if you can understand it. Once I found the version I like, in the color I wanted, I bought it right away and tucked it away ready to break into on January 1.

I also pulled out a pink pen for underlining and writing in my Bible this year.  (I love pink in case you can’t tell.)  I use a different color ink to write in my Bible each year and note the year on the inside cover.  It’s just one of my little quirks.  As a side note, I use my Creative Memories fine-tip markers in my Bible.  This is not a plug for Creative Memories, it’s just that I haven’t found a pen I like better that is available in so many colors.  I like them because they don’t bleed through the pages.

The last thing I pulled out for my devotional time was a new book (to me at least) by Sarah Young.  Last year I read her devotional book, Jesus CallingSince I loved it so much, I bought her book Jesus Living for this year.

You don’t have to wait for a new year to spend some time thinking, dreaming, and planning for the upcoming year.  A fresh start can happen anytime you make the decision to seek all that God has planned for you.  He has great things in store for you – get yourself in the ready position.