For Christmas my ten-year-old daughter received a hat similar to one I own. Immediately, her thought was, “We should match, mom.” She picked a day and planned both of our outfits, so we could look like twins. She wanted us to look alike. I remember dressing like my friends as a kid, but somewhere along the way I lost that desire. My emotions conflicted as I put on the matching outfit. As a mom, I was flattered and honored that my daughter wanted to look like me. As a grown-up, my independent nature wrestled with and rebelled against this adolescent activity.

Then, it hit me. God calls me to be like him. God wants me to imitate Him. He wants me to represent Him. He wants me to model my life after Him. He wants me to look like Him.

Yet…my independent nature wrestles with this. I want to be me. I want to be my own individual. I don’t want anyone else dictating my life. I question why God would create me to be a unique individual if I must then suppress that. I fear that modeling after others – even God – destroys who I really am. If I model my life after Him, will I not be able to like the things I enjoy now? Will I have to give up my dreams, my passions, or my loves? Will I no longer feel like me? How can I let go of me?

The truth is that God did design me as a unique creation. He gave me certain traits and abilities that He wanted me to have. When He calls me to be like Him, He wants the best of what He created to come out. It isn’t about losing myself. It isn’t about copying something flawed and imperfect. It’s about realizing the full potential of what God created in me. It’s becoming what He desired when He formed the world.

How do I be like Him?

I must be humble.

I must look at myself through His eyes.

I must surrender.

I must study Him.

What needs to happen for you to be more like Him?