A great way to create a very colorful Valentine Box with your child without paint, paper or glue is to use duct tape to cover the box.  Duct Tape comes in a rainbow of colors and a large pattern assortment which can be found at craft stores, hardware stores and even Target.  Large appendages, like legs, wings or petals, can be easily wrapped with the tape and then secured to the box.  It’s also easy to make a round object, like a head, by wading up paper into a ball and then covering it with the tape.  The following list is a few creative ways to make a Valentine box with Duct Tape.  Also, dads love working with Duct tape, so get him involved too. Have fun and be creative!

Box Ideas:

  • A Flower: use a round cookie tin from Christmas, cut petals from cardboard
  • A Black and Red Checker Board Box
  • A Love Bug: use a round oatmeal container, attach cardboard wings and a round head
  • A Robot: use the traditional sliver tape with square boxes
  • Heart Shaped Box: use a chocolate candy heart box and decorate it as you wish