As a mom, I want to train my children how to live out their faith while they are still under my care.   I’m always on a mission to help them break out of the automatic, “Thank you for this food” prayer.  To help focus your children on prayer, create a prayer box. 

Age: 4 and above

Materials needed: small box like a shoe box, small items to place into the box, paper and tape to decorate the box (optional)

Depending on their age, have your child decorate a small shoe box with wrapping paper, ribbons, or fabric.  .

Have your child go around the house and collect small items that will remind them to pray for someone or something, example- gift given to them by a relative, a photo of a friend, a note from a teacher, and an item from another country, anything that they can find that will draw them to pray thoughtfully.

Keep the box by their bed or the kitchen table wherever they pray. Having a visible tactile object to hold or see will help the child focus on the prayer.