Nothing excites me more in my role as the Director of a Pregnancy Center than seeing God turn ashes to beauty.  Seeing His almighty hand take what Satan meant for evil, and use it for good.  Here is a real life example of God’s grace as written by one of my colleagues, Cathy Goggin, whom I had the privilege of blessing.

I found myself pregnant from a one night stand at age 19. I was married, with a 3 year old daughter.  I went to a clinic in Red Wing for a pregnancy test and then asked them where I could get an abortion when it came back positive.  I couldn’t tell my husband I was pregnant as he would know it was not his child. I was 9 ½ weeks along when I had the abortion. I had been an alcoholic going into this, but my drinking increased after my abortion.  A divorce and another marriage followed, including the birth of my son.  Honestly, I was a mess and could not even bond with him.  Six years later, my husband wanted a divorce and was planning to take my son with him.  During this very dark time in my life, someone shared the Gospel with me and I knew that Jesus was my only help!  I also asked Him that night to forgive me of my abortion and I knew He did.  What I didn’t realize was that I still had great pain in my heart from the abortion.  I went to a women’s retreat and a woman shared about her abortion experience.  I sobbed throughout her entire presentation and I realized that there was more healing that was needed regarding my abortion.  Shortly thereafter, I started hearing commercials on the radio for the Conquerors post-abortion program through New Life Family Services.  Shaking, I called the number, spoke with them and signed up for the 12 week class.  It was AWESOME and hard all at the same time! 

The Conquerors program was the key for me to let go of my past and it allowed me to look ahead to my future, for the first time in my life.  It was life-changing, and until I did it, I did not know I that needed it!  I went through the program a second time so I could learn to lead a post-abortion group at my church in Red Wing.  I prayed for a pregnancy center to someday come to Red Wing.  In 2005, I joined the board of another pregnancy center and we opened a satellite center in Red Wing in 2006.  By God’s grace, I became the Executive Director in 2009 of the very center I had prayed for, New Beginnings Pregnancy Center.  We decided to become a medical clinic by adding ultrasound services. This was a big step, requiring significant financial investment, particularly for the ultrasound machine. Out of the blue, I received a call from New Life Family Services saying they recently bought new ultrasound machines and asked if we wanted one of their old machines! Receiving the call from New Life really brought this story full-circle for me.  Had I not gone through the healing and closure the Conquerors program offered, I certainly would not be doing what I do today, bringing hope to those facing an unplanned pregnancy.  Who, but God, could plan all of that!  To Him be the glory!  

For those facing an unplanned pregnancy, or struggling with a past abortion, there is hope.  God can and desires to meet you where you are at.  He longs to show you the depths of His love and grace.  For more information about New Beginnings in Red Wing, New Life Family Services or the Conquerors program, check out the links below.