Once you bought the fancy car, bought the big house, found the sexy spouse, had the perfect angelic children, landed the successful job, then you’ll be happy. Left and right, people give their convincing speeches that this is the goal of life, this is when you know you’ve truly made something of yourself. It’s an age-old tale but still so easily entrapping.

Me? I realized I don’t want the American dream. I’m sick of people asking when I’ll get married or get a real job. I’m doing what makes me, as an individual, happy. I’m traveling the world, meeting new people, and making music. I’m doing what I love, not what’s expected of me. I want to love how I live and not be tied down by a society’s expectation.

Don’t be a victim of the pressure. Live out your dreams and love life! Too many people are stressed out, stuck in loveless relationships, and bored with life. Living is a gift, not a dread. If you’re dreading life maybe it’s time for a change. Forge your own path and be yourself.