Laser moments is a representation of the joy experienced in the daily ordinary experiences that becomes sacred when we realize that everyday is literally a gift from God.

Here are some examples:  Watching my sons play their recital pieces after months of hard work; listening to the choir sing the “Halleluiah Chorus;” an unexpected kiss from my hubby strongly connected with the emotion inside of me, “He still loves me,” a boat ride around the lake; a note received from a friend in the mail; and a sunset that leaves me speechless. There are thousands of laser moments in the stream that leads into a pond of joy.

Powerful questions about other priceless laser moments:

*What about the kindness of strangers?

*How about your health?  Or the health of those you love?

*When did you sleep soundly through the night without interruption?

*How about doing a great job and having some appreciate your efforts?

*Do you delight in your own and other people’s children?

*When was the last time you met a kindred spirit?

*Have you experienced the kindness of a stranger lately?

*When was the last time you listened to music that touched your soul?

*How about laughing so hard, you start to cry?

*Do you have a friendship that has endured despite all you’ve been through?

*Is there someone in your life you can trust with what’s really going on?

*When was the last time you were able to bring comfort to another?

Please go ahead and add your questions to the list.

Sometimes we miss out on these moments of joy because we chase the wind seeking extraordinary moments; an extended vacation; or a movie-like happy ending.

Sometimes we are fixated on the “what if” fears and worries causing us to miss out on the ordinary joy-filled moments encountered each and every day.

Joy is a verb. Meaning it is practice. (Joy isn’t only an attitude of gratitude or representation of how we think.) Joy is a choice we make each day representative of our thinking and  . . . our behavior. First, it is the focus of our thoughts on what we are grateful for instead of the thinking and grumbling about what went wrong, what we are lacking or what we didn’t accomplish.

Secondly,  joy is found in joy-filled people finding a way to monitor and capture those moments that we are grateful for.

I use journals.  Sometimes I post my celebrations on Facebook.  Many times I tell my friends who will listen about these moments.  Appropriately, this brings me more glimmers of joy.

Powerful Question: in what ways do you monitor and capture your joy-filled moments?

We exist in a parallel reality where we choose consciously or unconsciously which world we will inhabit.  A life coach can help you focus your thinking on the laser moments you are grateful for, and help with the practice in the monitoring of these moments. I can help you shift your thinking and habits. You will experience more joy.

Happiness is often based on our circumstances but joy is something that can be experienced everyday despite our circumstances. And how we conduct ourselves: whether we are celebrating or bemoaning our lot in life is an expression of our thankfulness to God.

What is your laser moment today? I’d love to hear from you.