The question this month is “Am I being a good steward of the gifts and abilities God has given me?”

Work is usually viewed as the place we get our money.  In a 50 year career, the average person works 100,000 hours. That is an enormous amount of time to be discontent, unfulfilled and bored in a job.  But the Bible talks about work right from the start and how we need to work.   First thing he told Adam and Eve was go out into the Garden of Eden and farm it!  Work!  You will also notice in the Bible that it never says “She has a good job”.  One job is not better than another.  All jobs are needed and God gives us unique skills for particular work.

One thing I hear from women, young and old is “I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up”.  The feelings behind that statement are those of a woman that hasn’t found her passion.  I believe God has given us particular gifts, but also passion around the work he would like us to do.  What are the things you gravitate to in your free time? What are needs of your fellow humans that catch your attention?  What are you passionate about?

Another very important place to look for what God wants you to do is look at where he has brought you so far.  A great reflection exercise is to make a list of the significant events of your life in every decade.  Look at why they were significant.   Were they painful memories or happy events?  What people were involved?  Were they leadership roles?  Or spiritual journey milestones?  Then review the list.  What experiences do you feel God was teaching or guiding or stretching you?  This list can be a great indicator of where God is preparing you for the work he has for you.  Your past experience can be a key to helping others.

Finding the work God has designed for you takes time and reflection.  I would suggest the resource, LifeKeys. (  It is a program and a book by Kise and Stark, and is presented in many churches in the area.  Also, PRAYER!  Ask God to show you where He wants you and your unique gifts.

Finally, some of you may have found your passion and the area where you know you should invest your talents, but you are one of the many women that are out of work.  I would suggest visiting the Job Transition Support Group at Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie.  ( They have enormous resources to help you in your search, along with support.  There are other groups at other churches so look in your area.



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