“Sharing hope with one million people;” Mike and I exhausted a huge amount of time praying and strategizing.  Our lives receive focus daily now from these captured words.  The statement sounds so impressive and spiritual.  My question recently has been; how do I master this in the real world?

I can effortlessly share hope with a complete stranger expending hours listening, laughing, and crying.  I offer prayers asking God for words of wisdom to speak into their life.  I can become extremely spiritual!  Yet, why Dr. Jekyll materializes at home is a mystery.  A family member pushes my buttons.  Before I realize it, words spewing from my mouth contain no hope to those close to me.  My buttons still exist despite my impressive, spiritual mission statement.

Why create the mission statement?  The key motivation is focus; staying sensitive everyday to share hope with my family along with the world!  On my deathbed I do not want to regret sharing hope with numerous people, yet trampling under foot those closest to me.

In prayer this mission statement screams at me; I must once again plead forgiveness.  I need to confess my shortcomings to my family and to God.

Developing a mission’s statement for your team 

How do you develop a mission’s statement?

Pray – Pray – Pray – Pray – Pray – and then Pray some more.

Set up a weekly time to get together for a one-hour session of prayer for the first month.

  • Ask for God’s direction
  • Ask for God’s purpose
  • Ask for God’s plan
  • Ask for God’s Anointing
  • Take some time to Listen
  • Take some time to discuss what you hear God saying

I played with a toy as a child called light bright.  I thought it was cool.  The object was to make pictures when these different colored pegs.  Once all the pegs were in place and you turned on the light a beautiful colored picture resulted.  This is a lot like prayer.  We put all the plans in place and God illuminates the results.

David was a man after God’s heart.  He spent years of his life in prayer and praising God.  He did it as a shepherd boy, he did it as a servant to the King, and he did it as King.  It was a lifestyle for David.  This is a huge key.  After the mission statement is developed and the team is moving full speed ahead, prayer must be a part of keeping on track.