No time to cook today. I left work early to attend the funeral of Scott’s Uncle, Richard. They are not called funerals these days, but celebrations of life. Very impressive.

Richard was a music buff and his favorites played throughout the visitation and were used in the slideshow. Richard has three daughters, each spoke in memory of their Dad today. I did not have an emotional attachment to Richard, as I only met him a few times. I didn’t even bring Kleenex.

Wrong answer.

This celebration of life left me reflecting on my own. Richard’s daughters talked affectionately of their father and the fond memories. They spoke of late nights (while in kindergarten) watching The David Letterman Show, grilling and gardening and playing air guitar with their Dad. It made me think,”am I too hard on my kids?” If I died today, what would they say at my celebration of life?

It is so easy to get caught up in routines and schedules, that I hope I’m not missing the point. Maybe I need to ease up and have more fun with my kids, maybe that’s what it’s really all about.

Next time I go to speak to my kids in correction I will ask myself, “what would Richard do?” If I’m not sure, we will just play air guitar….