I’ve been pondering my dreams, you know, goals, wishes, and desires. My dreams are not to go to Disney Land or to own a castle. My dreams are filled with a great amount of work and learning. To achieve my dream, I realize I can not do it without God. It will be a miracle if my dream comes to be. Yet, I believe my dream is God inspired to move me forward in the direction in which He wants me to go.

1 Samuel 1 and 2 tells the story of Hannah. God planted a dream with in her for children. God wanted her son for His service, but God knows it’s hard for mothers to let go of their children and trust Him. Hannah’s desire to become a mother grew and grew. In desperation, Hannah “poured out her soul before the Lord” offering her first born to the Lord’s service.

Twenty years ago I met my friend, Robin, as she was going through a miscarriage. This was not her first miscarriage, she had experienced several. Yet, God had blessed her with one beautiful little boy. She loved that little boy! She loved being a mom! She was a good mom. She didn’t understand why this was happening to her, but through her heartache she sincerely kept giving it back to God. A couple years after meeting Robin, she shared with me a dream (vision) that she kept having. She kept seeing herself with little girls. She said to me one day, “I don’t know how it will happen, but I believe it will.” It stuck with me. God was planting a dream within her. Time went by and then eight years ago, out of the blue, a relative called asking Robin and her husband if they could take in two girls. It was a whirl wind of change, but within a short time Robin was the adoptive mother of two beautiful little girls. They even look like her!

Dreams take time and patience and often, heartache. Yet, if we hold onto the dream, trusting God, it’s amazing how He brings it to be. Dreams are hopeful and when God inspired, they are promises from God. If God has planted a dream within your heart. Don’t set it down, set it before Him, allowing Him the liberty to fulfill it within you and for you.


God plants dreams within us to move us forward and to prepare us for the purpose in which we were created. If we listen, and if we keep asking God for our dreams to align with His, pouring our souls out before God, He will answer.