We are living in financially difficult times.  As a wife, mother, daughter, friend, or Christian how are we to adapt and respond to financial pressures and loss?  Since I only have 700 words to tell you, I will state it simply.  Our faith in God must override our fear of loss and the unknown.

We are all frustrated by increased taxes, health care costs, and food costs, while very few of us have had an increase in wages.  On the contrary, many have taken pay cuts or a pay freeze along with benefit cuts.  We cannot deny that these are difficult financial times, but we must also remember who God is!

When Jesus was questioned about paying the Temple Tax, he replied with His reason for exemption in Matthew 17:26 (his complaint).  Then he responded with a payment that confirmed His position as the Son of God (a miracle).  “Take the first fish you catch; open its mouth and you will find a four-drachma coin.  Take it and give it to them for my tax and yours.”Matthew 17:27  Jesus didn’t teach us to rebel against the law of the land, but to remember our position as children of God and expect the miracles!  “So give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”Matthew 22:21  Our part is to believe, God’s part is to provide.

I’ve lost a business, and because of that a home.  I had to endure the relentless collection agency calls, people wanting money when there was none to give.  I’ve also gone through a gut-wrenching divorce that left me emotionally drained and financially penniless (with five children to provide for).  Just three years ago an investor placed all of the money I had received from the sale of my condo into a ponzi scheme.  While I was out with a realtor looking for a new place to buy,  I received the call that all of my money was gone.  I fully understand, “do not fear, do not be dismayed”, is easier said than done.  But I also know it can be done when our focus moves off the money and on to the promise.

You see, when we lost our business and home, God opened doors to new opportunities – we survived this loss.  When I had to return to work and provide for my children, my dependency on God increased along with my confidence.  During those years God called me into the ministry, saved all of my children, and called four of them into the ministry.  My faith was strengthened on this journey and our needs were always met.

I am once again living with uncertainty, but I trust God to have the answers I do not.  This gives me peace!  Just as Jesus demonstrated to the Pharisees He was the Son of God and could pull money from the mouth of a fish; He continues to remind me I am also a child of God and He can provide for me in ways I could never imagine.

I look at life with God as an adventure.  I never know what mountain I will be asked to climb, what rough waters I will have to navigate, or what new territory I will discover, but I know I have the best guide possible!  He always seems to bring me back to calm waters, allows me to see the unimaginable from that mountain top and leads me to people that yearn for the peace I have in Christ.

We are not alone in our difficulties ladies.  God will prove himself faithful as we minimize fears and complaints and maximize our faith.  Encourage those that are fearful, give to those in need as you are able, and trust in God as never before.