I was ready to pull out my hair; I was so frustrated. Events of the day, busyness at work, and fighting between my two little ones had me at my wits’ end. I remember calling my husband at work in my distress. I was leaning against the refrigerator, when I smacked my head up against it and slid to a sitting position on the ground. I said these words as I started to cry, If you love these children, you’d better come home soon! Wise man that he is, hubby took a break at work and was home within five minutes of my call.

So why do we allow frustration and distress to continue to build up day after day until we feel ready to snap? Or maybe the better question is does it have to be this way?

The truth is… life can be really hard. There are seasons where it seems everything we need to accomplish is an up-hill battle. Add in a little relationship stress or outside stimulus such as financial issues or sickness, and the hill feels more like Mount Everest.

Can I make all of that go away? No. But I’ve learned through the years how to handle it more effectively. To start the day, I’ve learned to take a load off.  Before I even begin my to-do list or workout routine, I take my day to Jesus. I bare my heart to Him constantly, so I have no secrets to try to hide from Him. I read a short devotional from a book, read my Bible, and pray – spilling out my day. I cast all my cares upon Him, because I know He cares about me (1 Peter 5:7). I trade my heavy burdens for His light one (Matthew 11:29-30). I remind Him of His promises to me (Psalm 119:40). I thank Him for His faithfulness and care and tell Him how I trust Him (Psalm 33:4). And then with a grateful heart, I begin my day.

Whether it’s five minutes or five hours till a stressor occurs in my day, WHEN they come (as they surely will), I take the issues that arise and continue giving them back to Jesus. If I can stop what I’m doing for awhile or not, I can keep bringing my burdens to Him in the midst of the day. Sometimes we talk all day long. And sometimes we talk all through the night. Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28).