Ok, I will admit it… I’ve literally been having a bad hair day since June. I went to my favorite hair salon and had a wonderful trendy bang cut, which was awesome, for about a week. Then suddenly my hormones began the process of “changing,” and changing fast. (I’m sure it had nothing to do with the haircut, but the timing couldn’t have been worse.)

For me, this meant not only a “change” in other elements of my body, but suddenly my stick straight hair decided to curl like a poodle, fall out, and break off in clumps. 

Super fun.

So girls, I’m just doing a sister a favor by sharing my experiences… as humbling as they may be!  Many of you know that I am often up front doing various things at area events. I’m just keeping it real here by saying that it’s a challenge to be up front after you’ve shocked yourself in the mirror that morning! 

You are going to laugh, but in my small Bible study group of prayer warriors, we started praying for a hair miracle. Can I get an “Amen?” Yes girls, I believe God is that practical!

Little did I know that a random segment on Good Morning America on a early October morning would lead to this mid-life woman’s answer to her “outer-beauty” prayer. One of the guests was presenting on natural hair treatments and in her hand was my answer: Mayo. Yes, Mayonnaise!

What perked my attention was that she said the mayonnaise had vinegar in it, along with other properties, and if your hair had any buildup or “medical” buildup, it would remove it. It dawned on me that my sudden similarity to a poodle could possibly be because of the buildup in my change of hormones.

Having three hours before my first appointment, and knowing that I had mayonnaise in my cabinet, I decided to soak my hair in it. Besides having a strong craving to make chicken salad, I had no side effects! 30 minutes passed, and I became hopeful. As I shampooed the mayo out, I noticed my hair lathering up for the first time in months!! Then, as the towel came off, the mirror finally reflected someone I recognized: the straight haired girl I grew up with!

I’ve learned a lot in these last four months of frizzy hair days. 

1. Be careful for what you wish for. I had always longed for naturally curly locks, not knowing the maintenance needed to keep up with them. Let me just say I have a new respect!

2. My security isn’t based on an image that projects from a mirror. 

3. More “changes” will come in life, and I’m not going to miss out on the abundant life even if I feel awkward about my external appearance.

I’ve also learned that God knows that the very hairs on my head are numbered, and He cares about every one. No detail is too small to bring to Him. The “Mayo Clinique” was just what my Healer prescribed for me. Because I was waiting for Him to answer my “silly” prayer, I could receive this seemingly “straight” answer. How about you?