It’s true. Smokin’ hot, and sweaty. Super sweaty. Embarrassing sweaty. For years I worked on a remedy. I did lots of research, to no avail. I drank more water; that didn’t work. I saw a naturalist; that didn’t help. I tried different deodorant. Different antiperspirant. Natural remedies, the works. I had decided that I was just a Sweaty Betty. Love it or lump it.

Then one afternoon, as my husband was surfing the web, he came across an article. The woman discussed in the story was dying. She had many symptoms that ranged from extreme fatigue, to joint pain, anxiety, and depression. She had been doctoring for years and continued to get worse. Finally she was told she must be in the end stages of a very progressive MS, was bound to a wheelchair, and would not have long to live. At that time in her life, her sister had also been doing some research and came across the dangerous side effects of aspartame, noticing much of the side effects matched her sisters’ symptoms. The sister shared the information with her dying sister. The lady took her sister’s advice and completely cut aspartame from her diet.  Her symptoms completely went away in a short time.

This story interested me. I always knew that artificial sweeteners were not good for you, but how about in moderation? Who knows how much this lady was consuming on a daily basis? I thought, that stuff is really garbage, and I don’t want any part of it. Not even a little bit. Not even the one Diet Coke I treated myself to, once a day. I cold turkey dropped the Diet Coke on the spot. After all, even a little bit of poison can’t be good for you.  

That decision came on a Sunday. Monday came and went. Monday night, I thought to myself, I sure didn’t sweat much today. Tuesday, no sweat. Wednesday brought the realization that something had definitely changed. I tried to think back to what was different. It didn’t take me long to put two and two together. It was the aspartame in the Diet Coke! It has been almost two weeks now, sweat free! My body was working so hard trying to rid itself of the poison. When I went back and specifically checked for excessive sweating as a side effect of aspartame poisoning, it does come up, along with many other side effects. I only had the sweating, but for those of you who have unexplained symptoms, try cutting artificial sweeteners from your diet. You might be amazed at the results. Just take it from me, someone that used to be hot, and now is not. Thankfully.