Mother’s Day is not an easy day for a lot of people. Those who didn’t or don’t have a good relationship with their own mom are likely candidates. Those whose mom has passed away often find it a sad day too. And what about those who have lost a child to death, miscarriage, or abortion? Some of them grieve through Mother’s Day. Add in those who wish they were moms because of infertility issues, health crises, or simple timing, and the numbers increase even more.

I have a friend who used to feel disappointed almost every Mother’s Day. She was happily married and had four children, but she loved receiving gifts, and her husband hardly ever even thought to buy her a card for the special day. There are all kinds of reasons that ladies might feel the day-after-Mother’s-Day blues.

I don’t have answers for you today on how to cope or what to do, but sometimes we just need someone to understand and acknowledge where we are. Isn’t that true?

So I want you to know that I’m saying a prayer for you today. If you can relate to this article at all, I’m praying that God’s peace will settle into your heart and that you will feel it. As difficult as it may be to be where you are today, know that God is with you and that he is cheering you on. I am, too.