From Guest Blogger: Becca Groves

When my niece turned five she asked if I would make rainbow cupcakes for her birthday party. And since I’m addicted to pinterest, this was basically asking me if I would like to play. Yes, yes I would.

They turned out adorable and were not that difficult to make. I used Wilton’s food gel, and as you can see, was pretty liberal. You only turn five once, right?

I used white cake mix, not yellow. Then I divided the batter into six bowls, adding my food dye to each bowl. I worked in order of the rainbow, placing a spoonful of purple in the bottom of each cupcake liner. The batter would spread and then I added the next color on top.

The frosting was a basic cream cheese frosting. I make my frosting a bit thick so that it holds its shape with the large piping tip on top.

If you’ve ever thought about making rainbow cupcakes, you can do it! They turn out so pretty, and just aren’t that much more work.