I was at a retreat center that fulfilled my need for stillness, silence, and peaceful surroundings.

As I stood on the deck overlooking the river, I began to pay attention to the flow of the water. As I watched, I realized the strength of the current in the center of the river. The currents along the banks were moving in and out. They moved slowly where the ducklings entered the river and crashed into the banks where boats sped by. Though the center current was swift at times and slow at other times, it remained constant and full of serenity.

During prayers with a friend, she prayed that I would relax and rest in God’s presence like a child in a parent’s arms, safe and secure, and that I would be heavily weighted in the center of his will. The river was the perfect picture of that prayer.

Everyday life is full of needs and activities that swirl around, in and out of our lives, causing feelings of pressure or unrest. The mind can alternately be focused, frantic, or jumbled. The currents of life can move us off-center. My response depends on how much I trust and depend on God through the changes. If I seek his wisdom, read his word, and pray for discernment, there is always a certain calm and focus. And unexplainable peace.

Psalm 2: 12 says, “…Blessed are all who take refuge in him.”

May I always run to you, Jesus! The solitude of your presence provides enduring strength.