Do you know what makes diamonds so strong? PRESSURE.

How does pressure relate to your health and fitness this season as the weather warms up? Two things:

1. Consistency. Exercise even when you don’t feel like it. Consistency makes you stronger and more likely to achieve your fitness goals. Spring is the perfect time to start a consistent exercise routine.

2. Strength training. Literally, putting resistance on your bones makes them stronger and less susceptible to osteoporosis. Springtime is the beginning of more readily available fresh fruits and vegetables. Toning and strengthening our muscles go hand in hand with healthier eating.

What does this mean for you? Spring into action!

  • Set small, attainable goals for workouts — even three minutes per day. This may not seem like much, but it gets you started, keeps you consistent, and when the pressure is on to do something else, you can tell yourself: IT’S ONLY 3 MINUTES, I CAN DO THIS. No one can honestly say they do not have time for three minutes per day. Practice squats while you brush your teeth. Do pushups on commercial breaks. Go to the end of the block instead of stopping at the mailbox. Small, consistent goals create habits that translate into a lifetime of healthy decisions.
  • Work out your muscles. I especially encourage you consistent and faithful walkers, who prefer walking over other kinds of exercise, to work out the rest of your muscles as we approach spring and summer. I love walking. It’s one of my favorite forms of exercise. However, to increase your strength and bone density, remember that we need pressure on our bones and muscles. Do lunges, squats, pushups, and planks; take a strength class or move your body in a way that works the muscles of your body, in addition to your heart.

Remember, pressure makes diamonds. Press in when health feels challenging and prevail with diamond strength.