If you are anything like me, you drool down the decor aisles at Target, TJ Maxx and HomeGoods. There’s something calming about seeing those magazine-perfect objects in true color coordination.

In an effort to bring some of that calm to my house, I decided to find a cheap way to give new life to the old and ugly things existing in my space.

The biggest eyesore? The “accounting office gray” file cabinet in my bedroom. I had been doing great at finding cute little ways to bring color into my room, but all that planning and thought could hardly overlook the big gray elephant in the corner.

I had seen and heard quite a bit about metallic spray paint in the crafting circle. Since I had no previous graffiti experience, I’ve always been hesitant of such projects. But this was (almost) an emergency, and I needed to push myself into new territory.

When I went to my local craft store, their spray paint selection was pretty weak. I decided to check our town’s discount, post-retail store to see if they had anything that would suit my color needs. While their shelves were highly unorganized, I did manage to find two cans of the same copper paint, and was able to purchase both of them for less than the price of one at the craft or hardware store. (I should point out that I bought a more industrial paint. It was meant for outside, so it included the primer and sealant. Other craft paints may require you to purchase a primer, sealant or both.)

 Other than wiping the layer of dust off of my cabinet, I didn’t really do any other prep work. I brought the cabinet outside and used buckets to lift each piece off of the ground. Something I did not do — and, in hindsight, should have — was wear gloves. I had a few copper-colored fingers for about a week, and that could have been avoided.

Each can and manufacturer might be different, so read the label to know the specific application techniques to use. For my can, I needed to shake it for a full minute to mix up the paint inside. Then, keeping the can 8-12 inches from the surface, I sprayed in a back and forth motion.

Here is the link to a video from Rustoleum brand paint on how to generally apply spray paint.

My can said is was better to apply thinly a couple of times rather than spraying it on thick all at once. This prevents dripping and is something I neglected to do. Next time I plan on being a bit more patient.

Since I purchased an all-in-one paint, all I needed to do now was wait for it to dry. I had plenty of leftover paint and decided to paint a frame to match, as well. Now I’m excited to try and find more things in my home that need a facelift. With summer coming, I think our patio furniture is next!