It’s grilling season, and what goes better with your charred meat than coleslaw? BBQ coleslaw! This is not the stuff of fried chicken fast food restaurants, it’s thick, chunky, and even a great addition to the top of your burger.

1 small head of red cabbage
1 bell pepper (I chose red for extra color)
2 ears of corn
1 can of black beans
½ cup of mayonnaise
½ cup of BBQ sauce

  1. You can cut your cabbage however you like. Sometimes I’m in the mood for skinny strips and other times I like it cut into tiny pieces. If you are looking to top a burger, I suggest tiny pieces. Add to a large bowl.
  2. Chop your bell pepper into small pieces and add it to the cabbage.
  3. After husking my corn, I boil it on the stove, but you could also grill it. (Here is a video on a few ways to grill your corn.) Once it is cooked, let it cool for easier handling. Once cooled, take a sharp knife and hold the ear standing up. Shave the kernels from top to bottom and go around the whole ear in the same way. Add the shaved corn to the cabbage and bell pepper.
  4. Cook your beans until heated through. Since I boiled my corn, I used the remaining water to cook my beans. I then drained them, ran them under cold water to cool them down, and added them to the bowl.
  5. For the dressing, I mixed the mayonnaise and BBQ sauce until well blended. For extra heat and flavor you could use a flavored mayonnaise; I chose to use a chipotle mayonnaise. Add the dressing to the bowl and mix thoroughly. Place in the fridge and let cool for a couple of hours before serving.

With this unique recipe, you’ll be the talk of the picnic this summer. Enjoy!