The more I run from one event to the next, striving to look fresh and fashionable, the more I stumble upon tricks of the trade. These tips seem so simple, but have saved me time, money, and stress. Recently, I shared a few at the Single Moms Retreat. If you weren’t there to hear them, here’s a quick rundown:

1.    Want to wear a belt that no longer fits quite right? This is a belt hole puncher, which costs between $9.99 and $14.99. I use it on belts that are slightly too big or too small to create the correct fit around the waist.  It can offer versatility in wearing a belt at the waist or on a low-rise waistline.


2.    Have a favorite sweater that is starting to pill? A cheap, disposable razor is something almost everyone has sitting in their restroom drawer. This is what you need when you pull out those sweaters you haven’t worn for a while and realize that they are pilling. Of course, you have to be cautious, but simply shave the pills off your sweater, careful not to cut the actual weave.  This gives the sweater a second chance.

3.    Here’s a quick fix for short necklaces: One of my absolute favorite tricks that I stumbled upon out of desperation is using an old tennis bracelet as a necklace extender. Let’s say your necklace is 30 inches long, but you want an even more dramatic look — simply open the clasps, attach the bracelet to the clasps, and extend the length of the necklace 4 to 5 inches, depending on the length of the bracelet. The bracelet can easily hide under your hair or collar and no one will know the difference.

4.    Vintage earrings can be used as lapel brooches, giving an one-of-a-kind touch.

I put a safety pin through the back of the earring. There is some risk of it falling off, but very little when it is pinned snug onto the lapel.

5.    Use a vintage brooch to fix your belt. Sometimes when I’m wearing a skinny belt, its tail is long and I’d rather it lay flat to my waist. I use a vintage brooch and pin it around the depth of the belt, fishing the belt through the pin like a belt loop. This keeps the belt from hanging out and adds a unique detail to the outfit.

Remember: Always carry safety pins and Band-Aids. You never know when you will need to pin something in place or put padding in your shoes.