Do you ever feel that it is when God is moving the most in your world that you get hit the hardest? I recently cried out to him that I felt opposition from every side. His words resonated in my spirit: “If the world opposed me, they will oppose you as long as you stand for me!”

This truth reminded me of the book Overcoming Overload, where author Steve Farrar shares how sequoia trees have faced brutal forest fires, yet still stand. Why do these magnificent trees thrive in the midst of fire? Because they have developed bark that is two feet thick.

Similarly, God has revealed the secret to our ability to stand firm despite the fires and storms of our life. We are to be planted by his streams of living water, so that we are deep-rooted, well-watered, and produce fruit even in the midst of opposition. God wants you to plant yourself in his Word, saturate yourself in his presence, and fill yourself with his spirit so that you can flourish.

What opposition do you face today? What is God asking you to trust him with? Some of the sweetest fruit comes from trees that have been the most heartily tested!

“[Those who delight in the Lord] are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season. Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do.” Psalms 1:3

This devotional was originally published in our Flourish devotional (printed spring 2014). We’re now accepting submissions for our upcoming devotional series. For more details, go here.