Back to school is just around the corner and the crisp, cool air of autumn will appear shortly after that. Fall is my favorite clothing season. Following the hot summer months of much more minimal clothing, the layers and textures brought out in fall seem all the more exciting. We can have fun
imageServicewith layers and jackets and accessories. So, to give your fall wardrobe a bit of a freshening up, here are a few things to look for to be on-trend.

1. Leather – Last year we began to see leather embellishments on elbow patches, short sleeves, and added edging on pockets. This season, we are seeing that again, but to a much more heightened degree. Go ahead and buy the leather, or faux leather, skinny pants!

H&M has faux leather treggings (not quite leggings, not quite trousers) for $34.95 and a khaki skirt with leather edging sells for $89 at Ann Taylor.

Photo source: Ann Taylor

2. Booties – Booties are nothing new, but their popularity just keeps growing.34a128b71eb4ee37af765b5fd626c36d

Living in a climate of extremes, booties make for a sensible alternative to a dress shoe during winter months. Black is a basic, but cognac-colored boots are a versatile option, too. Here’s a tip: Low-rise booties should hit at the ankle bone or slightly below (You want them to hit at the slender part of the ankle.) Wear them with skinny denim, under trousers, or — my favorite — with a skirt and opaque tights.

Photo source: DSW Shoe Warehouse

imageService-13. Cropped trench coat – I keep seeing these wherever I go. What a fun, fall jacket that can also look polished with a sporty, casual feel! Tip: Watch where the hemline hits. It should not hit at the widest part of your hip, but rather at the top of your hip, between your true waist and the widest part of your hip.

Photo source: Ann Taylor

4. Dark color scheme — The Pantone color of 2014 was to be Radiant Orchid, but honestly, I’ve seen more grays, black, and navy again. Gray and black are always wonderful foundational colors that can stand alone or come to life with a punch of color added through accessories.


5. Layered necklaces – The last few years, we’ve seen chunky statement piece jewelry and we’ve had fun with layering pearls. However, I am seeing more and more layering of dainty, softer pieces. Don’t throw out the statement pieces! You can still wear them, but you may want to add a few gold chains with small pendants on them to soften your look.

Source: Belle at Capitol Hill Style, which has great info on how exactly to layer the necklaces