There’s something about this time of year! As this year begins to come to a close, we reflect on the past year to remember all we are thankful for and look to the next for all that it will hold. Every year at about this time, I feel a tugging in my heart to seek God for the year to come. As God has prompted this in the past, he used this time to draw me in closer to him and prepare my heart for the coming year.

This year is no different. I have many opportunities ahead of me. Soon, it will be time to choose one of them, but not before I make sure I’ve sought God. In the past, God has often given me a specific word for the year that has prepared me for what it will look like. At times these words are a complete package, even full of detail, and at other times they are simply preparation for a new thing coming. Some of our past words have been Rise Up, Transition, and Raising Great Men of God.

I’m thankful for those words as they have given me direction for my year and a goal for my family. I can look at what will come our way in 2015 with a clear mind, knowing that it will align with the direction God gives for this next year.

As you look forward to the new year, here are a few tips on how you can lead your family into 2015:

  1. Schedule time with God and be ready to hear from him. With all that’s going on in life this time of the year, it can be hard to make time for God to clearly hear from him. I’ve had to be very particular about my schedule by setting aside time to pray and fast. There is something about filling up my soul-tank that is so rewarding as I look forward to what God is preparing for me ahead.

  2. Write down the word, phrase, or picture God gives you and post it somewhere. Last year for our family, it was Rise Up. On our fridge, I had a sheet with our words and the goals needed to reach those goals during the year. These goals were imperative for us to Rise Up in 2014.

  3. Revisit the word God gives you and your goals throughout the year. Do you ever hit those moments in life where nothing seems to be on track? That’s when I take a few moments standing at my fridge (I’m there everyday anyway!) to read over those words.

  4. Find key verses in the Bible that will support your direction and goals. Then, find a fun way to display them around the house in areas with high traffic. Where do you often get frustrated or lose focus? Post your verse there to help you find the way back to your path.

In April of this year, a friend gave me Lisa Bevere’s book Lioness Arising with a note saying, “this is totally you!!” The gift was confirmation that I was on the right track, and it was such a good book to be reading this year in my effort to Rise Up. There’s one quote that stuck out to me that is so perfect as we all look forward to the coming year. Lisa wrote, “I believe that each and every year is God’s year to act, that he is still waiting for us to go into motion on his behalf.”

2015 is going to be a great year for us as we seek God and his will for it. As we keep our eyes on God, he can prepare us to lead our families into the next year. I encourage you to set aside the time needed to hear God’s life-giving words. What might God be speaking to you?