From Guest Contributor – Karleia Steiner

If you are predisposed to periodontal disease or already have it, you’re probably always looking for fail-proof ways to fight this problem. If you’re interested in fighting periodontal disease the natural way, then try these five tips. Although it’s still important to see a dentist for treatment, trying these natural options can also help you see positive results.

1. Swish with a Sea Salt Solution
For a quick and easy way to fight periodontal disease, try dissolving a little bit of sea salt in a mug full of warm water. Then, swish the salt water solution around in your mouth for 30 seconds and spit it out. You can repeat this process several times each day; it’s a great way to draw infection out of any oral abscesses, and it can also help reduce swelling in your gums.

2. Use a Tea Bag
Tea has been used throughout mankind for its many medicinal properties, but did you know that tea bags have been used to treat many medical conditions as well?  You may already know that you can use old tea bags as a way of reducing swelling around your eyes, but you might not realize that they can work well for healing the inside of your mouth as well. After using a tea bag, allow it to cool, and hold it against any affected area of your gums. Tea bags have tannic acid in them, which can be used to help fight infection in your gums.

3. Drink Cranberry Juice
Not only is cranberry juice effective when treating urinary tract infections and respiratory disorders, but did you know that cranberry juice can actually help prevent bacteria from adhering to your teeth? Drink about half of a glass of cranberry juice to gain this benefit and to get a partial serving of fruit, but make sure that you opt for an unsweetened version.

4. Rub on a Little Honey
According to many dental experts, honey is a natural antiseptic and antibiotic, so it can actually help with infected gums. Apply a little bit to your gums with your fingers after cleaning and flossing your teeth, but make sure that you avoid your teeth as much as possible — otherwise, the high sugar count on honey can cause damage to your teeth.

5. Make a Paste of Lemon Juice and Salt
Lemon juice can help your infected gums in two ways. First of all, it can help kill off infection. Then, it can help prevent infection from recurring. Simply squeeze out the juice of one lemon, and add a tiny bit of salt to make a nice paste. Then, rub the mixture onto your inflamed gums. Just be careful — you don’t want to apply it to any open wounds in your mouth. Otherwise, you could suffer from a rough burn.

Seeing a dentist is important if you have or are concerned about periodontal disease, but there are a few natural things that you can do at home. Try these five tips, and you can help fight against periodontal disease in the most natural way possible.

Karleia Steiner is a freelance blogger, health enthusiast and enjoys sharing on Google+. Visit Forest Lawn Dental Centre for more dental health care tips.