I am a fixer. A problem-solver. And I can get hung up on what could be, what should be, instead of being thankful for what is.

And when faced with the fragility and the shortcomings of those whose lives intersect my own, it is sometimes tempting to focus on their weakness instead of the many gifts and talents they bring into my life.

As I fretted about a perceived lack in a relationship this past week, I was gently reminded of her wonderful qualities, her incredible strengths, of all of her characteristics that far outweighed her one weakness.

And then I chose grace.

Grace recognizes those things that simply cannot be, will not be changed – and then intentionally sets aside the frustrations to enjoy and celebrate those whose lives are interwoven with our own.

Grace is a gift that has been freely given to each of us, and is one of the most beautiful gifts that we can bestow upon one another.

Grace chooses to cover another woman’s weakness instead of laying bare her vulnerabilities for all the world to see.

In that moment, I quietly, silently chose grace over griping, over trying to fix that which cannot, or will not change.
Is there someone who needs the gift of grace in your life?