Summer is fast approaching. Soon there will be long lazy days at the lake with nothing to do but apply sunscreen and read a good book. It is time to put a summer reading list together!

As a financial planner, of course I would recommend a book about managing your money! Money Matters by Larry Burkett is a compilation of the most commonly asked questions from Larry Burkett’s call-in radio show. Question such as “Should I buy or lease a car?” “Should I take out student loans?” “How much of a home mortgage, or rent, can I afford?” The book is filled with these questions (and answers), all sorted by topic.

While I may not agree with every answer to every question, the book is based on sound Biblical principles for managing your money. I particularly like the budgeting process described.

In my opinion, the monthly budget is the crux of the financial plan, so spending some time evaluating where your money is going and deciding where you want it to go is critical to long term financial stability. The budget is invaluable in helping make wise financial decisions. It can also answer the question, am I handling the money God has provided in a responsible way?

I know summer reading is often for fun novels and lighter fare, but how cool would it be have your finances sorted out before you hit the malls for those new school shoes in the fall?

Proverbs 21:5, “The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.”

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