Two months ago, my fellow bloggers and I at The Ruth Experience saw a dream come to fruition with the publication of our second book, Grace for the Imperfect Mom.  Then, just last week, we realized a dream on a smaller scale, updating our website.

Both of these dreams realized are the result of seemingly small steps, taken over weeks and even months of time. As look back over these last few years, I see the amazing progress we’ve made by taking one simple step after another.

Just last week a friend texted me with a dream she believes she should start pursuing. As I encouraged her to take a step, she asked, How do I stop feeling anxious? I responded, You don’t. I told her that fear is normal, especially when doing something new, and that sometimes you just have to step out and do it afraid. We talked more about specific first steps she could take toward her dream, and then I told her to pray and just take one step this week.

Maybe that’s where you find yourself today. Maybe you’ve had a dream you’ve wanted to pursue but simply haven’t yet, or maybe you don’t know where to start; maybe you’ve had no one tell you that you can do it. But I believe that if God has given us a dream, he will be the one to bring it to pass, if we are obedient to take one step at a time.

So, what’s your dream? What would you do if money was no object? What would you create?

Five Steps to Start Following your Dream:

  1. Write down your dream. Be specific. Your dream could be something big or small, personal or public, career or home oriented. It really doesn’t matter what it is, because nothing is too great or too insignificant.
  2. Make a list of goals. What things need to be accomplished to make your dream a reality?
  3. Take a few minutes to write down the why of your dream. Who would it bless? What need would it fill? This can help you keep going on days when you feel discouraged.
  4. Make a list of practical, simple steps to realizing your dream. Start small. Looking at the big picture can feel overwhelming, so start by trying to accomplish one thing this week. Maybe you need to research, gather more information, or reach out to someone who is already doing what you dream of. Anything that moves you forward counts.
  5. Pray and then take a first step this week! Be brave. Don’t wait. Look at your lists of goals or steps, and determine to accomplish one thing this week.

Finally, surround yourself with people who will support and encourage you as you pursue your dreams! There is nothing greater than having someone else say, You can do it! Especially on days when you are just not so sure. Let’s be brave!

So what’s your dream? We’d love to hear from you!