This is the latest article in our new series called “Every Heart has a Story to Tell.” As we head towards our first Thrive Conference in October, our desire is share how Every Story Matters. Please check back each week to see how God is moving in women’s lives and let us know how he’s moving in yours!

Despite being a pastor’s wife, Becca Ketterling never felt called to ministry. She was perfectly happy as an accountant, where she could spend her days dealing with numbers and not standing with her knees shaking in front of a crowd. But one day, God changed all that.

In 2005, Becca was at a Hillsong conference in Australia when God first spoke to her about a new plan. In a session with hundreds of women, she was listening to Anna Hayford and noticed her voice shaking. Anna at the time was in her early 70’s, and Becca had never heard her speak before. She wondered if her voice always sounded like that or if she was just nervous. Recognizing that it sounded more like nerves, Becca heard God speak. He gently reminded her, “If she can do it, you can do it!” That’s when she knew she needed to step into the role that God had purposed for her.

Becca came home from that conference knowing that, despite the fact that she was deathly afraid, she wanted to be obedient to God’s call. But she knew she was going to need help. Knowing she’d need good women around her, Becca shared with the women’s ministry team at church what God had called her to do. This team of women encouraged Becca in her calling and worked with her to start a monthly women’s worship night.

The day arrived when Becca was to share her testimony at the first women’s worship service. It was to be on a Sunday night, and Becca spent that afternoon throwing up. She was almost paralyzed with fear. Nonetheless, Becca showed up that first night, and when she took the stage she felt the Holy Spirit walk right alongside her and speak his words through her lips.

“That old cliché is true!” Becca relates. “God doesn’t call the equipped; he equips the called.”

The Holy Spirit built up Becca’s faith that day when he came through for her is such a big way. She was able to see God use her despite her weakness. But her fear didn’t immediately transform into comfort in front of a crowd. Even five years after that first night on stage, Becca stood in the back room at church crying before she was scheduled to speak at River Valley’s Sparkle conference. And once again, the Holy Spirit showed up and used her to minister to hundreds of women.

Becca would tell you that to this day she still prefers being an emcee over being the keynote speaker, but she willingly trusts God to use her however he sees fit. She has discovered the more she steps out and follows his lead, the easier it gets. If fear ever creeps back in, Becca just does it afraid, trusting that the Holy Spirit will show up and walk right beside her, as he always has.

Becca’s favorite Scripture is Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”  She knows it to be true because God has proven it time and again.

Is there anything God is asking you to do that just about scares you to death? Are you willing to trust the Holy Spirit enough to do it afraid?