As a twenty-something woman just starting out in my career, I was living on a fair wage, but I had a need for everything. I needed a car to get to work, furniture for my apartment, clothes appropriate for work, etc. Because my salary didn’t cover all these expenses, I turned to credit cards. Over time I ran up large bills on credit cards to the point I had no extra money, it was all going to credit card payments. I struggled every month to pay all the bills. This went on for a number of years until in my late twenties, I became a Christian. As I learned what it meant to be a follower of Jesus, I read about giving back to the Lord, giving a portion of your income to the church. Because I didn’t have any extra money to give I wasn’t sure how I could do this.  So I decided to give a small amount every month, even though my budget didn’t allow for it. Every month I was faithful. I was relying on God’s provision and he provided month after month. Over the course of the next three years God provided increases in income and unexpected bonuses which allowed me to become debt-free.

This time of financial struggle taught me to have faith in God’s provision. God was showing me he could be trusted with everything. While “flourishing financially” would usually mean we are rich with money and things, I found it to mean I was rich in my dependence on him.

Are you relying upon God for provision or looking to have your needs met outside of the will of the Lord?

Psalm 132:15 “I will bless her with abundant provisions: her poor I will satisfy with food.”