After praying for more children for more than two years, the Lord blessed my husband and I with finding out I was pregnant the end of 2014. This quickly changed the first part of January when the pregnancy became a miscarriage. Prior to the miscarriage, I would constantly pray to the Lord, asking him to take me out into deep, unknown waters where I’d call upon his name and keep my eyes glued on him. I asked him to bless me with experiences; I asked him to push me to new places in my relationship with him. I would seek him, I would knock, and I would wait.

It wasn’t until Thrive that I realized that after the miscarriage I stopped asking and seeking and waiting. To God be the glory, I have found and relit the flame within my heart. To be able to pray with others, and be transparent and real with God and allow him to move. I finally figured out what it means to start living again and to take back the life God has give me through him. To not lose sight of the dreams God has planted so deeply in my heart for his glory. I realized how important it is–as you start pouring your heart into others, you must also continue to feed your soul and take time to grow yourself.

A couple of other things about the weekend spoke to me. Shortly after having my miscarriage, the Lord blessed me with a amazing friend, one whom I had only talked to daily on the internet via text and messenger, someone who has also gone through several miscarriages. While at Thrive, we finally got to meet in person! It helped me to realize just how faithful God is by putting specific people in your path to show you his faithfulness. In addition, a few weeks prior to Thrive I helped with a women’s retreat in my area of the state, and in my small group there was a woman from St. Cloud randomly placed there by God. At Thrive she ended up sitting next to me, completely unplanned–out of more than a thousand people! At first I sat in awe and did not know what to say, but then I turned it over to God. Each day of the Thrive event we ended up next to each other through small conversations and had the opportunity to pray together the last day. Despite our tears, we were transparent with God and ourselves, and I felt so blessed. I always had an image in my mind that my prayer partner had to be someone within my own church or even within my own community, but God selected other women that live miles away to bless me, and for this I am so incredibly thankful.

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