Each of us is faced with thousands of choices every day that define our thoughts, our behavior, and who we are to the world. This fall’s Thrive Conference explores the idea that the choices we make hold power and provide opportunities that influence ourselves, others, and how we see God. Each Tuesday from now until October, we’ll feature one story of someone whose life was changed by the conference or who was faced with a choice and held firmly to the belief that “I Choose.” Today’s story is courtesy of St. Cloud native Jen:

I have never been the type of person to accept when someone says “I’ll pray for you.” When I attended the 2015  Thrive Conference, I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of the presenters and speakers, but I also found myself that day.

It was that very day that I began to write a list of things that I wanted people to pray for me for, and the first few things came very easily to me because I knew things that I wanted. As I got to my third item, my handwriting got worse and worse — I was writing outside of the lines, my handwriting got bigger — all because I was crying so hard that I could not see what I was writing. I knew what I needed people to pray for me the hardest. Like I said, I have never been the type of person to accept when someone says “I’ll pray for you,” and all the things I’d written were to have friends I’m able to accept and actually believe that people want to pray for me.

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