I awoke on a recent morning from a dream–one that I was pretty sure had a message for me from the Lord. I love how he does that! The Psalmist says in Psalms 16:7; “I bless the Lord who gives me counsel; in the night also my heart instructs me.”

The dream was simple. I was watching an interview by a well-known talk show host with a proclaimed witch. I was curious. And though I was not part of the audience, I watched from afar. Suddenly I realized that the light I had been sitting in was now becoming darkness. I shouted out that my God was greater!

But soon the darkness engulfed me. I turned about-face–my back now facing the interview–where the darkness swelled. In front of me everything seemed to be a bright white-a striking contrast from the darkness that I feared was overtaking me. It was clear there loomed a battle between darkness and light. And my soul was in the midst of it. I cried out to God. And as I battled the darkness in my dream, my leg went into a charley horse. If you’ve ever had a charley horse, you know that will startle you awake.

With the dream nagging at me, I decided to take the time to journal about it. I asked the Lord, quite frankly; “What was that about?”

It is then that I heard his whisper. Oh be careful, little eyes, what you see. Oh be careful, little ears, what you hear.

Ah…I remembered, then, cruising through Facebook when a news title caught my attention. As I opened the article, I quickly realized that what I had invited into my living room would not honor God. I had been curious.

How many times are we tempted and lured into traps like that? We are living in a time when a myriad of temptations vie for our attention. Some of those temptations are just a click away, or at our remote controls. Maybe it’s the lure to gossip, or to have a drink, or to do whatever causes one to take their eyes off of Jesus. I need to guard my heart. I must be aware of those things that I allow to access my heart and mind.

What seems innocent, like watching the interview in my dream, can subtly cause the darkness to enter in. The very books we read, movies we watch, and activities that we surround ourselves with do affect us. If we’re not careful, like in my dream, we risk becoming consumed by darkness. I need to keep my eyes on Jesus!

I love that the Lord uses dreams to guide me. He is so gentle and encouraging! As I was getting ready to close my journal, the Lord brought me to Matthew 6:23, “But if your eye is not sound, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!”

That is how I felt in the dream! The darkness was so deep–but the bright light stood in such  stark contrast. I want to live in the light! I need my “eyes” to be sound. I need to be careful what I see. The Father up above, looking down in love, gave me a dream to remind me to keep my eyes on him and his ways.

Dear Lord, help me to evaluate how I spend my time. Am I wasting it in idleness, as I scroll the internet? Please help me to guard the time that you’ve given to me. Let me not be wasteful or risky with it. Help me to make godly choices. Thank you for calling me to awareness by that little song that I’ve known for a lifetime. Oh be careful, little eyes, what you see! Father, thank you that you love us so deeply. We love you, too!