I’m having a hard time letting go of summer this year. It goes by so quickly, and I never feel like I’ve done everything I wanted to do. Or I haven’t done enough of it. When summer approaches I get excited about the potential it holds – lazy days sitting at the beach, riding bikes, going to outdoor concerts, etc. But when the beginning of September rolls around, I find myself bemoaning the things I didn’t get done. I saw one friend who had a “Summer Bucket List” printed out on a big piece of tagboard. As she and her family completed an activity, they crossed it off the list. Maybe I should do that next year – get my fun more organized!

My mom taught me that I should never wear white after Labor Day or before Memorial Day. While I’ve been known to ignore my mom’s advice now and again, and while I feel like this particular “rule” is fairly antiquated, I still end up putting my white capris away after the beginning of September. They just feel wrong when the sun starts setting so much earlier in the evening. And then I say good-bye to my white sandals and my summer purse. Ouch! It’s like ripping summer right out of my hands.

Here’s the funny thing though. There are lots of things about summer I don’t like—the humidity and the bugs to name a couple. And autumn is my most favorite season of all! Beautiful colors, crisp nights, cool days, and blue skies abound. What’s not to love? So why am I having so much trouble watching summer slip through my fingers? I decided I have to start thinking of the advantages of autumn to help me get over this little pity party I’m having so:

  • Goodbye capris – Hello comfy sweatshirts.
  • Goodbye sandals – Hello cute boots.
  • Goodbye bike rides – Hello walks in the woods.
  • Goodbye days at the beach that I’d hoped would happen but never really materialized – Hello cozy chair in front of the fireplace.
  • Goodbye iced tea – Hello hot cocoa.
  • Goodbye outdoor concerts – Hello drives to view the autumn colors.
  • Goodbye summer – Hello autumn.

Let’s do this!

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn