For days I had been thinking about a meeting I wanted to attend in Minneapolis, but it may as well have been Timbuktu! Anyone who knows me well, knows that I don’t drive south of Fridley alone. EVER! And Minneapolis was too far south for me!

My husband, Mike, had driven me to previous meetings, but I didn’t want him to spend another night waiting for me in his truck. Don’t get me wrong, he loves his truck, but even that was asking too much. My heart was determined to do this. I would break my own rules and drive into the big city. As I write this I realize that I didn’t even enter the big city. There is this neat little road called 94. Once you’re on it, you can drive right around the city!

Mike set my phone with driving directions. This might be easy for you millennials, but this baby boomer can be a little technologically challenged. This may be too outdated for you to appreciate, but if I had a VCR it would still be flashing 12:00! The last time I trusted Siri, she had me doing circles! When I finally resorted to common sense and ignored her directions to “go 100 feet and turn right,” I turned left in 10 feet, after which she confidently declared, “You have now reached your destination.” I spouted back that it was no thanks to her!

Now, back to this trip. I had no sooner than left my block when Siri went silent. I drove toward 35W and somehow lost the directions on my phone. I pulled into a neighborhood so I could try to figure out my phone. I managed to get back to the map, but Siri remained silent. I would have to do my best without her help! I breathed a prayer and continued on my way. After several miles, as I sat in traffic on the bridge over the river, a sense of pride swelled within me. I’m sure that horn I heard was honking at me, but I had made it this far and a honking horn wasn’t going to ruin my moment! I took in the blue sky, the river below, and enjoyed the moment.

As traffic moved, I breathed a prayer and managed to get over a few lanes into the one that I needed and soon I would found myself in the neighborhood I recognized from the trips with Mike. As I pulled into the parking lot, I sighed another prayer.

At that moment, I didn’t know if I would ever see home again, but I had made it! I was south of Fridley by a long shot, with no help from Siri!

Philippians 4:13 comes through for me again: “I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me!”

Thanks to God, and my friend Nancy (who set my phone for the trip home), I made it! And I discovered why Siri remained silent. Turns out she doesn’t talk if she’s plugged into the car’s charger. That little tidbit you can have for free!