Last fall I sat in my hair stylist’s chair as she asked me what I had been up to. I rattled off my schedule filled with volunteering, singing, and speaking engagements, my busyness with this club and that committee. Then she asked me, “What do you do for FUN?” I sat there in thought. I couldn’t answer. I didn’t know. I thought about all the things I was doing, and when I thought of them, I didn’t associate them with FUN.  

Over the weeks that followed, her question continued to run through my mind. I thought about the different organizations I had committed to. What drew me to them? Did I see a purpose or was I just trying to be busy? Some activities I’d done for a long time. All were noble causes and good things to be involved in. But, can a person have too many good commitments?  

As I thought on my activities, I realized I needed to do a little pruning. I knew I needed to start saying no to some things and do less of others. This was hard. I felt that these areas defined me in some ways. I worried that people would not understand if I took a step back. I might lose opportunities if I wasn’t as involved. Yet I recognized that I needed to say no to some things to gain balance.  

As I began to say NO to some things and back off of others, I felt a weight get lighter on my mind and body.  

NO wasn’t the only word I needed to say. I needed to start saying YES to new adventures too.  

I returned to the question, “What do you do for fun?”  

I didn’t know. When I was a kid, I enjoyed rollerskating and climbing trees. I still do but not with the same passion. So as the months passed, I took mental note of occasions that brought me joy. Occasions without commitment, with carefree happiness. Those things that made me come alive, laugh, and feel excitement.  

This fall, I took a motorcycle driver’s training class and got my class D license. I took the class as a means to conquer fear, but in the learning I found I was having fun! Motorcycling is fun! I discovered something to add to my list of FUN things.  

I have been a goal driven person for as long as I can remember. Fun was not one of my goals, until now. Does this mean I’m not going to volunteer anymore? Of course not!  But I am striving for a healthy balance.  

So…..let me ask you. What do you do for fun?