There are so many things we pray about and hope for in the midst of our relationship with God.

Sometimes when we have a relationship with God, even a REALLY great relationship, we can easily focus on our needs and God’s provision rather than our relationship with God.

Take me, for example: I am currently praying for God to open up doors for us to buy a house and to meet our financial needs during the process while we remain as diligent as we can. We have been in a time of transition moving from Colorado Springs, Colorado to The Dalles, Oregon. We are living with my husband’s parents and siblings, and when we are not in the house, we are residing and sleeping in the RV camper in their driveway. We are very grateful. We are also praying for complete transition. I am also pregnant and due to give birth at the end of May. My desire for a house and a room set up for the baby has heightened. In light of my pregnancy, I have also halted ministerial aspirations. But I know that in each season, God is faithful, and what I do in that season is as valuable as any other season. (Take joy in them all). I am also praying over Josh’s (my husband) venture into starting up his own business in The Dalles and the Columbia Gorge. I want so much for him! He’s a hard worker, awesome husband, and amazing father! He cares so much for other people; I want the best for him! So all that to say that there are LOTS of things to be praying about! In all of it, we feel led by God to do and to take before him in prayer and petition.

However, in the midst of all this, the most important thing for us to remember is not about answered prayers or reaching a goal. It’s not about, “because I am a Christian, this is going to turn out, and it’ll be blessed.”

The larger focus is about our relationship with God.

For me, it’s also my husband’s relationship with God, and our children’s relationship with God.

Christmas is such a great time to be reminded of that, and to be able to ponder such thoughts. I find myself with a new appreciation of my love for Christ and my relationship with him. Change or no change. Milestone or no milestone. Provision or no provision. May we be able to be thoughtfully relational with God like this in every month, week, and day.

What matters most are not the “milestones” in this crazy transition that we are praying about and looking forward to as we take them before God in desperate prayer, what matters is our deepened relationship with Jesus in this time of waiting.