As a wardrobe consultant, I see styles and products come and go. But I also see quality items that come into the market that make an impression and become staples. This is my “Top of the Year” list.

“Top of the Year” Picks

The best camisoles:

camiI love the Ann Taylor camisole for its comfortable fit and polished finishing touches. The neckline has a ribbon detail along the neckline, elevating it from an undergarment to a layering piece. There are seven color options.

Comfort Sweater:

sweaterI have a thing for men’s sweaters. I wear them around the house, grocery shopping, or even out to coffee! They are comfortable and give a casual preppy look. The Banana Republic Men’s Easy Care Merino Vee neck sweater is a staple at Banana Republic. They roll out new colors every season. In the link above, sizes are selling out. But, not to worry, this sweater is a classic and is here to stay. Watch for the new colors to roll out in the next month. It’s a great, durable product that I wear with skinny jeans, converse tennies and a scarf.

Versatile Necklace:

I am a huge fan of this necklace. I noticed it first because of it’s shoelace necklacestring. My daughter is allergic to metals and finds it a challenge to enjoy jewelry. I saw this necklace and knew it would be a fantastic contemporary option. Upon closer look, I saw the length of the necklace is adjustable. This feature makes it a much more usable, versatile piece. Got to like that!

Kut from the Kloth Moto Jacket:

moto jacketI got this jacket two years ago and have gotten so much use out of it. I wear it with my olive green joggers or over my burgundy suit dress. It gives a modern look with comfort. They now make it in four color options: black, burgundy, olive and gray.



Tennis shoes:

I remember in 1980, when my dad bought me a pair of fire-engine conversered Converse tennies to wear to my gym class. I wasn’t too happy because Nike was all the rage. But, since those days, Converse has become my favorite tennis shoe. I have four pairs of Converse; gray, off-white, black and of course, fire-engine red. I like the elastic back feature, making this a pull-on shoe. They do run narrow, so they are not for all feet. I bought mine a size larger than my normal shoe size, but they are classics that have stood the test of time.


My clients know how important belts are to an outfit and defining their beltswaistline. I suggest everyone should have a quality brown leather belt and a 1″ black trouser belt. However, belts are an easy way to add a pop of color, too. My go-to place for belts is Target!

Interesting Read:


I just read Jill Swanson’s book Out the Door in 15 Minutes. I wish I could get out the door in 15 minutes but that will not happen! I’m aiming for out the door in an hour. However, Jill’s book is a fantastic resource for time-saving tips and beauty secrets.

These are my wardrobe “must-haves.” If you have a “must-have” that I should know about, write to me and tell me about it. I want to check it out!