It’s the time of year when the spirit of giving abounds, and people want to show love and kindness to others. But if doing things for others isn’t in the budget this time of year, fear not! Here are 20 Free Acts of Kindness that you can put into practice not just during the Christmas season, but the whole year round.
1. Invite someone who may be lonely over to your house for dinner.
2. Offer to babysit for a single parent so he or she can have a break.
3. Write a letter to military personnel who are serving abroad.
4. Host a garage sale and give the proceeds to a charity.
5. Visit a local nursing home on an activity night.
6. Volunteer to help serve a meal at a local shelter.
7. Write an encouraging note to a friend.
8. Volunteer in your child’s classroom.
9. Give a compliment to a stranger.
10. Write a note to a local business praising the service you received from the employees.
11. Leave extra coupons at a store for someone else to use.
12. Donate blood.
13. Put encouraging notes in your child’s lunch or backpack.
14. Pick up trash at your local park or playground.
15. Let another driver merge into your lane.
16. Volunteer in the nursery at your church.
17. Gather stray shopping carts in the parking lot and put them in the cart corral.
18. Call a friend who is struggling and offer a listening ear.
19. Give extra boxes to someone who is moving.
20. Donate a few vacation or sick days to someone in your office who is facing a crisis and could use the
extra time off.
Want to print these out and save them for later? Find the PDF here. For more ideas on how you can impact your community with kindness, read Julie, Kendra, and Kristin’s book The One Year Daily Acts of Kindness devotional. See your family grow, change, and become more engaged with the needs of the world around them. And, find more encouragement and ideas from the trio at The Ruth Experience.