For years, Jaime’s friend had been encouraging her to attend Bridging the Gap’s Single Moms Retreat. But until last year, the timing just didn’t work out. When it came time to register for the 2017 retreat, she knew it was time, and God worked out all the details so she could go. Besides knowing it was right for her, Jaime has a heart for other single women and felt as though God had a purpose in her attending.

Jaime brought another single mom from her church to the retreat but she doesn’t think a mom should stay home just because they don’t know anyone.  She found it very easy to get to know the other women and made a lot of new friends.

What Jaime especially loved about the retreat was being with a bunch of women she could relate to. “It helped me feel less alone,” she recalls. Jaime also loved the teaching time and the worship, wishing both had lasted just a bit longer.

The great part was being able to do some things that she would never take time to do at home like take an art class, spend time with other women, and enjoy the Diva Boutique. As an added bonus, she could do it all without having to find a sitter!

She encourages other single moms to attend the Single Moms Retreat with this comment, “For any woman who is questioning it . . . don’t. Take the risk. You won’t feel alone. It’s encouraging to talk to the other single moms and it’s nice to have the encouragement.”

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