Sometimes women want to prove that we are right or capable of anything.
Sometimes…ok, maybe often is a better word.
This day was no different.
The three most important men in my life were telling me that I “wouldn’t” do something.
You see, we were enjoying an extended weekend family getaway. We spent one evening at Great Wolf Lodge–you know, the kid heaven-of-a-place, where the water park is unbeatable, the games are unstoppable, and the food is kid-tastic!
This particular evening, my sons were loving the simulated bodyboarding, wave portion of the pool.
I watched them wait in line over and over again for a 60-second bodyboarding experience that was not something we are used to being able to experience here in the northern United States.
After observing their enthusiasm about this portion of the water park for several hours, I got in line.
And I left the line.
And I got back in line.
And I stayed in line. In the line for bodyboarding.
My sons eventually noticed that their mother was in the waiting line for bodyboarding. They said “You can’t do this, you are too old,” (Trust me, they didn’t mean to be rude, they are just your typical pre-teen boys, thinking their mom is ancient.)
To which I said: “You might be right, but I sure am gonna try!”
So there stood my 36-year-old self, sort-of in shape, and sort-of nervous as heck, in line to bodyboard for the first time in my life.
Then my husband caught a glimpse of me waiting in line, and he said, “You are gonna try this!? Are you sure? Don’t hurt your back!”
That was it! Now I truly was gonna show this bodyboarding thing who is boss!
I confidently approached my turn at the board with a whole-hearted energy to rock it, if for no other reason than to prove to those three that I could. I am not “too old.”
The young man before me in line started catching waves, and the lifeguard turned to me. “Have you done this before?” he asked with distrust in his eyes.
I honestly said “No, will you please tell me how?” And he did.
He was very kind and helpful. Full of pointers. “Push down on the board.” “Center your weight.” “Lift your head.” “Lean toward the wave.”
OK. I’ve got this!
My first attempt was a sad sight. I caught the wave sideways on the board. I definitely inhaled the wave. But I certainly did not ride the wave.
I stood up, defeated, and the young lifeguard said, “Would you like to try again?” Meaning, I didn’t have to go to the back of the line. He was going to make a special arrangement for the “old lady” that had something to prove.
I looked at my husband, camera ready and in hand, grinning.
I looked behind me at my boys in line, saying, “Go mom, Go!”
Sure. I’ll try again.
So there I went, holding the board. I was gonna show them all how this is done!
I caught the first wave! I did it! I was bodyboarding!
My husband’s face was astonished, and my sons were cheering.
In that moment, I felt like I had won an amazing prize.
Until the second wave hit.
I forgot to push the front of the board down.
The wave hit hard. Right in my chest.
The swimsuit top that I was wearing was no match for the force of that water.
All of a sudden, the straps were down at my elbows, and the fabric attached to them? Well, it was at my waist.
I let go of the board quickly to cover my upper body from the eyes of the 15 or so bystanders who were watching my triumphant bodyboarding effort.
The board went left. I went right–right into the waves again. With my arms clenched so tight against myself that they were probably turning purple, I wriggled out of the waves and to the side of the water.
Enough said.
The people standing to the front of me were all, thankfully, the parents of the people in line. Adults.
Thank God that all of the young people were behind my back, waiting in line.
To this day, I don’t believe that either of my sons even saw what happened. If they had, they certainly would have teased me (lovingly) by now!

I did learn a few things from my experience, though.
1. Always tighten your swimsuit straps.
2. Always consider the type of swimsuit you are wearing against the activity you
expect to partake in.
3. Expect God to expose your pride and prove it wrong! LOL!
“Examine me, O Lord, and prove me; try my reins and my heart.” Psalm 26:2 (KJV)