Some days our little ones teach us some very important lessons. The other day I was taught a
lesson I will carry with me for a long time. During that “lesson” I saw that “little eyes” are
always watching what we do.
My Daughter, Hope, taught me a lesson today in forgiveness, as I have been carrying something
against someone I don’t even know… For the past few months, someone has been taking/smashing
things we leave at my late Husband, Duane’s headstone. It has been really bothering me, especially since
Hope notices this too and asks where the teddy bear or other items are that she leaves.
Well, the other day- this is how our conversation went as we walked up to Duane’s headstone to leave
two figurines…
Hope: Mom, why did someone take my teddy-bear I left for Daddy?
Me: (frustration in my voice) I don’t know Hope.
Hope: Do you think they were sad and needed it?
Me: (slowly my frustration leaving as I see her thinking about this) I don’t know, maybe they
were sad about something.
Hope: (taking a while with her thoughts…) I am going to ask My Daddy to ask My Jesus to help
that person.
Me: (holding back tears) Why do you say that Hope?
Hope: Because, you say Jesus helps you when you are sad.
My three year old daughter wasn’t mad (as I was) that her teddy-bear was gone. She didn’t
want to find out who did this (as I wanted too). She was concerned about how they were feeling. She
was even going to take it a step further and pray for them.
Many lesson’s for me to take from this morning with my Daughter.